Ford Tops Worldwide List For Most Popular Car

The Ford Focus was the bestselling car in 2017. Not only did the Ford Focus sell well in the United States, but also throughout the World.

The Focus is the top-selling car Worldwide. Ford has reported over 738,000 new car registrations of the Ford Focus for the year 2012.

This only accounts for cars registered up until September, so the final count for 2012 will be even higher.

Last year Ford topped the list also with the bestselling car Worldwide. The huge popularity of the Ford Focus is spread throughout the World.

The Ford Focus is not the top-selling car in every developed Country; however, it is selling more than enough in each Country to be considered the best-selling car Worldwide.

This is quite an honor for Ford as they continue to market the Ford Focus for 2013. Ford estimates that they will once again have the top-selling car Worldwide.

Family Dead After French Alps Vacation

A family of five has died as a result of a plane crash during their flight home from vacationing in France.

This terrible accident occurred on Saturday shortly after takeoff from an airport near the French Alps. According to a witness the twin engine plane collided with a hill and burst into flames but the cause of the crash remains unknown.

Passengers on the plane included the pilot along with his wife and three children.

Later it was confirmed that those in the Morocco registered plane where vacationing in France and were flying back home to Morocco. When the accident occurred the plane went off of the radar and could no longer be traced.

Fortunately no one was hurt from ground level but the family lost their lives from the crash. A small fire occurred from the crash but burned out before anyone arrived on the scene of the accident.